My Crazy Lifestyle

Thursday – woke up at 11pm, did not sleep at all
Friday – slept at 11pm (after 24hours of no sleep)
Saturday – woke up at 4.30am and slept at 11pm
Sunday – woke up at 5am and slept at 4pm. Woke up again at 8pm and slept at 11pm
Monday (today) – up at 3am because I needed to go to the bathroom, first to pee then…jeng jeng jeng, stomach upset.. can you believe it at 3am in the morning?… must be all the Durian siul

~ wonder what time I’ll be sleeping today..gile

Since I am up, perhaps I should pack for my upcoming trip back to Singapore. Can’t afford that nice Rimowa travel bag yet, so I guess I’ll still be using my regular beat up one for now … gelakguling


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