Flight To Singapore?

I was chit chatting with Azwaj today on the possibility of taking a plane ride back to Singapore this time, especially if I am thinking of traveling during the fasting month. With all this fantastic flight deals being offered by lots of airlines, it might just be feasible and economical enough.

However, when looking back at the time it involves, I may just think twice about it.

Let’s see, on my end:

  1. We need to be at the airport at least 1.5hrs before departure which means leaving the house an hour before that
  2. Next there’s that 40minutes plane ride which is fine
  3. Then upon arrival, 40minutes taxi ride to my home

All in all timing involved, about 4hours on my end.

On Azwaj’s side:

  1. 1.5hours before departure, one hour ride to airport
  2. one hour ride back home..

Time wasted for Azwaj, 3.5hour plus petrol.

If I were to take the coach, it would take about 6hours door to door for me and probably about 1.5hours for Azwaj and petrol savings as well..

Hmm.. I think the decision is made… coach for me.. after all I wander off to slumber land the moment I’m on board anyway..


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