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Coming to Malaysia!

A blogger friend of ours is heading down to Malaysia in June 2009! She was so excited when she messaged me to let me know the news. She wants to have our specially brewed tea here, Teh Tarik. She wants to try our yummy Nasi Lemak and she even wants to visit IKEA! Boy she […]

A Hard Habit To Break

While spring cleaning my vanity drawers a few days ago, I found a few pairs of my disposable lenses. They still have not expire so I figured I may as well use them before I have to dump them. Wow! Liberation for the nose! . I guess it would always be like this if I […]

No more Blackheads :)

I was scrutinizing my face yesterday – yeah I do that sometimes – in particular my nose. I was peering deep into my nose pores where all the blackheads and the whitehead reside and do you know what I see? Nothing! That’s right! NOTHING. The pores on my nose are absolutely clean. So clean in […]

No Visit From Mom

Just got off the phone with mommy dearest and it seems that they would be NO visit from her this year for Hari Raya. It’s not that the bribe did not work – in fact she was very interested – it was because she does not have anyone to look after Baby, her kitty. Usually […]

The Power of a Prayer

We were on our way out of Low Yatt Plaza after buying computer parts for Azwaj’s client. Me, as usual, was yakking away as we were heading towards the parking lot, on how it’s always so crowded at the place even on a weekday and how the air conditioning compressor should be placed higher up […]

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