Was That a Pick Up??

A long time ago in Singapore….and a bit of footnote first…

mole = tahi lalat (in malay) = fly’s shit

I was in a lift going up to my office after lunch when this good looking guy entered from the 2nd floor parking lot. He smiled and I smiled. Then as he looked at my mole (I have this semi-huge mole on the right side of my cheek) he said… “hmm.. you must have loved playing around rubbish when you’re younger coz that’s one huge tahi lalat!”. I was like what in heavens name was that?? A pickup line?? Hey Mr, brush up your flirting skill lah.. no point being good looking if your social skill sucks!!!!

Anyway, I’m sure he would lose big time if he took up the Extreme Style by VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship game. Have you tried it yet? It’s so much fun! Just click on the widget and test your flirting skill. Who knows it may come in handy one day?

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