Time For a New Look

Ok.. time for a new look seeing how it is the start of a new month, a start of the second half of the year.. oh heck.. just time for a new look..heheh..

This time.. I commissioned some professional help. I just loved Zoe’s template but they were so out of my budget range before but she is releasing a bunch of very economical template and guess what I grabbed the first one! It is premade but as you can see if you go to her website, I’ve changed a lot of the graphics, but the template styling is very much exclusively hers.. so Zoe.. thank you so much and that photoshop file really help for all the changes I wanted to make. I hope you don’t mind the excessive changes. It’s not that I don’t admire the one that you did (I absolutely love it).. but it’s just me I guess 🙂

Anyway peeps.. this was before….

and this is now..I’ve added certain aspects of my life into the header as well, like my six kitties and see there Azwaj playing the guitar on the sofa?? Like it??


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