Online Banking – The Way to Go

Ever since my mom got cheated at the bank counter, I’ve been searching for ways to minimize the risk of that ever happening to her again. I mean the amount of $50 might not be a lot but it’s the principle around the whole issue that matters. I mean if you can’t even trust the bank’s teller to count and deposit the money properly for you, who can you trust right?

That being said, I was looking to see if there was an online banking Savings Accounts that I could start for her. Unfortunately no such luck for us here in Singapore or Malaysia, but for you guys in the States, you’re in luck! WaMu, the bank for everyday people, has a host of accounts available for you to choose from. There’s Traditional CD for people who don’t mind the travel to the bank and of course for people, like me, who hates queues and traffic, Online Savings and Online CD is the way to go. Want to lock in a great CD rate and get easy access to your cash, then Liquid CD would be your choice. Oh just in case you’re wondering, what CD is, it means Certificate of Deposit.

Whatever your needs are, WaMu would be able to cater.


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