My First Recording Experience

I had my first voice recording today in a real life recording studio!! Wooohoott!!

Azwaj’s client was doing some voice recording for their project and since I was there doing nothing but reading some magazines on garden decor, they were wondering if they could use my voice and laughter for their animation tv project.. lolzz!! I was shy at first but then I thought what the heck! For the fun of it right? Life is fantastic isn’t it?! So many new experiences all the time to go through…and I loved it. I felt like a recording star..hehehe..

I'm a Star!Anyway I only had to say like ten words.. not even! See the list? And of course they simply must record my laughter..lolzz!!

This is the sound proof recording room.

Now I just have to wait and see how they would use the voice clips.. What an exciting night!


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