Meet the CNC Members

You know everyone wants to belong somewhere. It’s just that sense of belonging jumbo that we feed to ourselves to be somebody. So we form one or many clubs for that matter, just so we can sneer at those that don’t belong to it gelakguling .

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a negative thing. I mean I am a member of many clubs and even founded one myself even though we only have 4 members including me! No, it’s not some wine of the month clubs but it is called the Chicken Noodle Club (coz we always have that whenever we meet) or as we fondly call ourselves, members of CNC. Laugh if you will but this club is still very much alive now and we make an effort to meet once a year although I am all the way out here. It’s not easy but we try and the bond that we share are as close now, if not closer, as when we just formed the club 10 years ago.

This is a picture of us on our last meeting. We were waiting for our cab and the street lighting was the pitts…

That’s me, the Pressy, there’s Blue (don’t know why we gave her that nick),
there’s Blur and there’s Kampung! Meet the CNC members sengihnampakgigi


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