Life's Dilemma

Sometimes in life, you can’t just do what you want. Even though you feel like that is the only thing to do and the only thing that should be done. So many factors come into play. What if I do this and the results is not as I want it to be? What if I hurt someone in the process? What if it hurts other relationship in the process?

This is especially so when family members are involved as well. What if what I do sour others good relationship with each other. I mean just because that relationship has gone sour for me, does it justify me souring those relationship for others as well? What if because of this one already sour relationship is analyzed in the open, and a confrontation happened and in the process good relationship between me and other members become not as good anymore? Can I take that?

Arghh!! Should I keep quiet and cry in silence? Should I pretend it does not matter though it does hurt so bad? Is this a test from God to show me that I’m not as strong as I put up to be?

PS: Oh well.. at least it made me forget abt those mortgage lenders for a while.

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