I Desperately Need A Vacation!

I desperately need vacation right about now. I actually went to bed this morning with chest pain because I was so angry with our internet connection. The speed is fluctuating like mad. I can’t even respond to comments on my blogs. Currently I am even just popping out my emails on outlook express coz the sight of that “processing” and “still working” dialog is making me sick.. literally! I’m ready to pull hair and if I go bald after this, I gonna so sue someone!!!

That being said, I think Branson Missouri would be a great place to go on a holiday this time around. I can visit their Silver Dollar City and go on the rides there and scream my heart out over all the frustrations that I’ve been going through with my internet connection, Streamyx. I can go and watch the shows that they put up daily and forget my worries for the time being and I can even probably enjoy their cabin at Great Mountain.

Yeah Branson Missouri would be just perfect.


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