Hair or Hair

Mini spring cleaning the other day in my dressing room or also known as the guest room. I reckon since we hardly have guests over anyway, why let a totally good room go to waste right? Right! Lolz!

So I had my dusting attire on, my mask for the dust and my trusted vacuum cleaner. Wow! I really need to do more tidying up in this room. Not that I’m messy or anything but sometimes in my rush to get on to other things, I tend to just dump clothes on the bed there and well, they do accumulate…. judge me not though..hehehe!

Anyway, as I was tidying up, I found my lost hair band, a missing ring AND my long lost pearl accessories set. Oh how I missed them so much and all along I thought I had accidentally thrown them away during our last move. This was a farewell gift from my ex-colleagues, who had turned out to be my best buddies in the world till now!


Aren't they lovely?

Anyway, back to the cleaning. I also found that I’ve shed a lot of hair over this past few months judging by the clumps of hair on the floor. Even the vacuum cleaner is refusing to suck it all in properly. I mean it’s not news or anything that I’m losing hair but still it never really hit me that I might be going bald if this goes on! Help! I need a Hair Loss Product that is all natural please. I better check it online at as soon as possible for some information.


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