All About Branding

My mom told me, countless of times, that when I was growing up, I can only say certain words properly. Words would go topsy turvy and basically I needed a translator to relay my message across to my grandma or my aunties. The translator being my mom, of course! Ooh if only my mom had a video cameras or something, wouldn’t it be a hoot to watch it now!? But you know what, if you were to asked my Azwaj right now.. he would say, why would we need a video from then when you still speak topsy turvy right now just with an accent!! After those kind words, would it be strange if you heard him going “Ouch!” lolzz! senyumkenyit

My MIL also had some interesting stories to tell us about Azwaj’s baby days. It seemed, even at a very young age, he was able to identify the different make of the cars. As his parents were driving, he would start shouting out the make of the different cars “Honda”, “Toyota”, “Mercedes”! When asked how he knew, because noone apparently was known to have taught him, he was heard saying “Just look at the car’s face mommy”… lol.. the power of Branding that even a three year old was able to identify the make of your car!

Oh well.. as for me, the power of branding have me calling all instant noodles, Maggie, all diapers as pampers, all bleaches as Clorox, all insectides as Baygon and last but definitely not least, all toothpaste as Colgate! That’s the power of branding for you!


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