Wet Sunday

Just renewed one of my domain names over at Godaddy. Found a discount coupon online for the renewal and that saved me $3.. not much but still savings. I just goggled for it and there it was. So, all in all I had only to pay $7.15 for another year. Not a bad deal at all!

It being a wet Sunday and all today, we decided to stay in. We woke up at 3pm, had a light lunch and both decided that Nandos was going to be today’s special.

Today was also a lazy day for me. Did not even vacuum the floor!! Ish ish ish! Oh well, all that fur would still be there tomorrow so what’s the rush right? I’m entitled to some off time too.

Anyway, back to the drawing board, got to do some research on gps tracking for Azwaj. God knows what it’s for though hah


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