My Niece's Wedding

One of the other reason why I returned to SG last week was to attend my niece’s wedding. I tutored her when she was like 8 years old and here she is, all grown up. A pretty young lady with her knight in shiny armor.

For my cousin, this is the first wedding for her family and because it is also the first grand-daughter’s wedding for my aunt, you can imagine the grandness of the whole event. She had over 2000 guests on that day.

It was so much fun for me too as I was able to meet up with aunts, cousins, and all other kinds of relatives that I have not met up for so long. And my cousins who I used to carry when they were small, all had kids of their own! I’m getting so old eh, as old as that old dell memory stick that I had in my old laptop! gelakguling

Anyway… I’m glad that I was able to kill three birds with one stone on this trip back, so to speak, sent mommy to the clinic, attend this momentous wedding and get me Miss Velvet Blue…hehehe


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