My Langkawi Trip – 2003

My last trip to Langkawi, Malaysia was like in February 2003. We stopped by Penang first and then proceeded to take the ferry from Perlis to the beautiful island. It was a family trip and of course lots of pictures and I wanted to share with you these lovely pictures from the cable car ride we took from Gunung Mat Cincang.

According to the fable, the legendary Gunung Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak was believed to have been once a being named Mat Cincang who turned himself into a mountain! Wow! Must have been one gigantic being eh..

Langkawi Langkawi Langkawi

langkawi langkawi

Boy, I sure hope they have some form or lots of generators to operate this cable car coz if something happened to the electricity supply up there, it’s no fun being stranded on the way to the peak! Anyways… enjoy the view from up there!


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