Bridal Memoirs

It was a few days into our wedding day when we decided that we were going to move the wedding from the banquet hall to the poolside. I remember we still couldn’t decide because March was a very temperamental month with unpredictable rain in the evenings but since the club that we were having the reception at managed to secure tents for the poolside for the day of the wedding, we decided we were going to be able to have it outdoor anyway… just the way we want it!

Wow, those were hectic days. I remember attending Bridal Shows to get ideas on what we wanted to have for the wedding. I remember meeting potential caterers, looking at portfolio of studios that provided make up artist just to see how well they do their bridal make up etc etc. Though it was fun, it was tiring and stressful and stress was one thing a bride-to-be does not need.

Nowadays, with technology, comes ease. Ease to get anything done right in the comfort of your own home. How you may ask? Well brides-to-be.. listen up.. Welcome the Online Bridal Shows! At the site, all you need to do is just download the 3D bridal software and meet up with the vendors that are exhibiting. Check out their services right at the comfort of your own home with a cup of coffee right next to you. Awesome right?

How I wished we had this in my time!!


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