A Relaxed Saturday

Starting the day early today or rather finishing yesterday late. I finished my LJL EC round and perhaps now can start with my LLP EC. Just had yummy nasi lemak, extra rice. Heck with the cholesterol. Can always take my diet pills later if I decide to lose weight. Am wondering how the stall owner can give out so big portions of the cuttlefish..hmmm. Oh well, they must already be making tons of profit from volume I supposed.

My ulcers still giving me problems. Am drinking lots of plain water. How boring! And with straw! Feel like when I was in the hospital, what with the constant need to put on that ulcer medicine. My lips are dry and chapped from lack of licking my lips! Arghhh when are you gonna get better ulcers!!


Will probably retire after I finished with the EC round if Azwaj does not decide to go Low Yatt to go get Abah’s new laptop. Just as well, don’t feel like going out today anyway.

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