When The Future is Uncertain

My parents were hawker stall owners. When my father got sick, their business got affected because what was a two person job now became a one man show. It was hard on my mom. There were stall assistants of course but that did more harm then good to the business.

When my father passed away, his life insurance really helped my mom sustained her life while she tried to rebuild the business. She succeeded and the business thrived though she gave up the stall when she reached the age of 55.

What I’m saying is, sometimes preparing for uncertainties in life takes some form of vision for some people. A lot of people don’t see the importance of life insurance. My father had that vision and because of that, my mom need not suffer. She was able to mourn and move on without any worries of financial matters hounding her.

Everyone need to be prepare themselves, be it life insurance, home insurance, health insurance even child insurance. Are you prepared when the future is so uncertain?


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