To Extend or Not to Extend

When I was growing up, I had big bushy hair. It was jet black, dry and brittle. The only way I could really manage is is by cutting it real short or if it’s real long, to always have it in a pony tail. The funny thing was my late father was bald and it sort of run in the family coz my uncle were bald too and my aunts all had thinning hair. I thought for sure, the hereditary trait missed me and I had more of my mom’s genes in me.

Then as I get older, in order to control this voluminous hair of mine, I had to straighten it all the time. Failing which, I had to, again, cut it short. Now, I love having long hair. It made me feel sexy and I love feeling sexy..lolzz gelakguling.. I don’t know if that was the start of the thinning hair coz after those hair salon session, I noticed that my hair started dropping. In fact, each time, I visited the hair salon, my hairdresser would tell me that there were lots of hair drops in the wash basin and so she would start suggesting all sort of tonic to reduce the hair loss.

Now, this might sound freaky, but at first, I actually enjoyed my thin hair. It was easier to handle and it was as straight as I want it to be. Also, I figured, I could always do hair extensions if I wanted to add volume to my hair whenever I needed it. What with the number of clip in hair extensions readily available out there in the market. I mean I don’t need to get human hair extensions and as long it looks real, I’m happy kenyit

Now, as I get real old, the hair drop kept continuing. I’m so worried that I would grow bald one day. Hmm.. any suggestion anyone? For you information, my mom has a full crown till today so there’s still hope I guess?!


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