Say What You Mean..

… and mean what you say!

Haven’t we heard those words thousands of times before and yet how many of us can honestly say it like it is? How many of us can really say what we mean when sometimes the right words are so difficult to find and to form. Sometimes the meaning of the words just get lost in the heat of an argument and emotions that are at an all time high making us form the words even without us thinking of the consequence.

Can we really say what we mean then? Can we really mean what we say? Personally to me, it’s doable although it is definitely easier said than done. Sometimes saying what what we mean may hurt others. Sometimes saying what we mean may break relationships.

Not everyone is born with the ability to communicate well. Not everyone is able to relay what they are feeling in words what is going on in their minds. Most express themselves through action and some believe this is better than just words. Though this is true in some aspects, I still believe the words “I Love You” for instance is best “Said” then expressed with any gifts or tokens which should be an extension of the verbal words instead.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Doable? Thoughts anyone?


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