Please Be Quiet

If you know me, you know that I can talk. I can talk about anything under the sun and moon and no topic is off topic for me. Even if I’m not well verse with subject, by the end of the conversation I would be because of the questions I would have asked you. That’s just me. I don’t know if it’s a flaw or a weakness but if it is.. so I’m flawed. Sue me! peace

Anyway, this incident happened a while back, in our very first apartment. We were just married and I wanted to change the look of our bedroom. You know, I wanted a fresh new look. So we decided to change the position of the bed which literally means moving everything as well.

So there Azwaj was, measuring corners making sure we had all the space we need to move the furnitures around, and there I was yaking away, giving suggestions, changing my mind, giving more suggestions when Azwaj just landed on the bed on said:


“darling, boleh tak diam sat?”
~ meaning ~
“darling, can you like shut up for a while?” 


I was like “Huh?”.. got on the bed, and started muffling him with the pillow! gelakguling. We laughed so hard after that and it was good one hour later that we continue with the move kenyit

Moral of the story? Let the man do all the heavy lifting and you go and make coffee for him when he’s done….lolz!!! siul

Hey, you know what, during the shifting around, Azwaj even found the gold chain that I had misplaced before. Yipee!!


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