Morbid Thoughts

Yesterday, I had some morbid thoughts going through my mind. What if on one my one trips back to Singapore, I got into an accident and die? Who would take care of my affairs in Singapore? Who would help my mom with all the pending things in Singapore like my loans and my credit card payments. Who would help her take care of my CPF account withdrawals?

I guess Azwaj would take care of all those when the time comes but even now he’s not showing any interest. My mom is illiterate and even if I were to tell her anything right now, she would probably say I’m talking rubbish.

I have started to compile all my paperwork last year. From shares certificate to loan documentation, from my central provident fund statements to my travel health insurance certificate, I have put them aside complete with the respective agents and login id and password. I hope it would help those going through my stuff when I’m gone.

I know these are morbid thoughts but I guess it has to be addressed and dealt with somehow. I just hope it’s enough….

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