Kebaya Anyone??

I was commenting on Farah’s blog the other day about her recent trip to Bandung and we touched on how cheap it was to get the Kebaya (a traditional Malay ladies outfit) tailored there. I remember how expensive it was to get one tailored here in KL for my own wedding. The beading of the sequins itself cost me RM700 and this was in year 2000!

Seeing how fancy and elegant the dress is, there is no way I could have used it again and even if I was lucky enough to fit into it and wear it to a wedding, people might mistake me for the bride..heheheh!

So I’m having a lightbulb moment here where perhaps I can sell it online or offer it on sale together with some other items that I can no longer wear and offer it as promotional products or something. Failing which I can rent it and failing that it will reside at the back of my wardrobe yet again.

Any takers?


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