I'm Tatiana!!

OMG! I found this cute test over at Rebecca’s blog on my Hot Red Drops rounds and I thought.. ok I’ll give it a try.. and waddaya you …. I am..

Which Grand Duchess Would YOU Be?

You are Tatiana, the practical, proper, beauty; the second Grand Duchess. You carry yourself like a queen. Everyone remarks upon your grace and good looks. You are very religious yet also quite practical. You like to take charge and help others.

And do you know why I am so excited?? Because this is my nick when I first starting chatting on YM back in 1998! And I still use it now although the original id was hijacked some time back!! Hate those hijackersmarah. Anyway, my chat friends still call me by the name, either Tatiana in full or just Tat. What a coincidence right!! Totally awesome!menari


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