I'm All Ready!

My bags are packed. Not that I brought any extra clothing then the ones on my back coz I got a whole wardrobe full of clothes in SG…heheh..

My passport is in my handbag. My coach ticket, check. My digital camera, check. And you know what is the most beautiful thing about all this preparation. I bought my SG-KL coach ticket online! Easy or what? I love Singapore..gelakguling. I just click, pick my destination, choose my seat and pay it using my SG bank account. And it is so much cheaper. The last time I bought it from here it cost me RM80 but if I were to get it online it only cost me SGD31 which is about RM70 which saves me a whole RM10! Now if only getting a term life insurance quote was as easy here…

Have a great week and a greater weekend peeps.. See ya when I get back or sooner if I can get any internet access there wink


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