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I'm All Ready!

My bags are packed. Not that I brought any extra clothing then the ones on my back coz I got a whole wardrobe full of clothes in SG…heheh.. My passport is in my handbag. My coach ticket, check. My digital camera, check. And you know what is the most beautiful thing about all this preparation. […]

OMG! Malu!

I’ve always been a city girl and growing up in sunny Singapore, cows or cattles freely feeding in open land is not a common sight for me. Not that we have that many open land anyway . So just like me, other Singaporean bred kids , I reckon don’t grow up with that sight either. […]

To Extend or Not to Extend

When I was growing up, I had big bushy hair. It was jet black, dry and brittle. The only way I could really manage is is by cutting it real short or if it’s real long, to always have it in a pony tail. The funny thing was my late father was bald and it […]

Please Be Quiet

If you know me, you know that I can talk. I can talk about anything under the sun and moon and no topic is off topic for me. Even if I’m not well verse with subject, by the end of the conversation I would be because of the questions I would have asked you. That’s […]


My Vietnam Trip – 1999

Each year, the company that I worked for in Singapore would have what they call an off-site event. These off-site would be a three days/two nights an all overseas expenses paid trip. During these off-site events, we’ll have meetings, team building programs and generally be given an overview of what the company had achieved the […]

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