What I Have Learnt…

Past relationship shaped the way I am today. What I have gone through before, greater determine how present and future relationship are formed. 

For instance in a love relationship, I know that just because someone loves me is not enough to start one. The feelings must be mutual. Sometimes I get carried away with all the wooing that I “trick” myself into thinking that I love that person as well. It’s not fair to him and it is definitely stupid of me coz I know that relationship won’t last, as I need to give as much as I take and I won’t be able to give 100% of myself if I don’t love that person.

Past relationship also taught me that I can’t be with someone too possessive or too jealous. I am, by nature, a people person. I love people. I love my human interaction. I love events, parties, get-together and meeting new people. My significant other got to accept that…period.

Past relationship. What have you learned about yourself??


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