Stop Being So Overly Sensitive

Sometimes overly sensitive people bugged me. Sometimes overly sensitive people irritates the hell out of me. Sometimes overly sensitive people irks me so much, I just want to give them one tight slap and say.. not everything is about you! 

People need to realize that I need to speak my mind and yes, gossip about other people too sometimes and if it somehow relates to you then it’s nothing personal. You are just there at the wrong time and place.

For example, if I say X is so pretty but so sad she got bad BO, and you happened to have bad BO too, please don’t take it personally, coz I’m not talking about you and for heavens sake, do something about it if you do have bad BO! And if I say, I really need to get a new handphone coz mine is zongint out on me, I’m not talking about YOUR phone that you are tying together with a rubber band, I’m talking about mine!

For heaven’s sake don’t make everything about YOU! Stop being overly sensitive will ya??!!!


Just being me…

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