I Was A Hot-Tempered One

I used to be so hot-tempered. I remembered being young and being so insolent towards to my parents. I was overly sensitive. I would sulk for days if I don’t get my way and I would even skip meals just to show how angry or upset I was over a situation. Banging bedroom doors was a normal entry in my journal.

It was not that I had an unhappy childhood. It was not because I had absentee parents. It was just because I was so hot-tempered and was not able to control my emotions. I remember wishing I was dead every time something did not go my way.

Yes I was a hot-tempered one..

As I grew older, I grew wiser and I matured to become a not so hot-tempered lady. Oh I was still one easily provoked. Fortunately for me my parents are patient people and basically although my temper was mildly beyond control, I was not self-destructive. I was basically a good girl. I studied hard, did well in exams and did not mix around with bad company.

As the years caught on, I began to change. My career demanded me to change. I was dealing with demanding bosses that really test my patience. I was dealing with people who don’t take “No” for an answer. I was dealing with unreasonable request and because of that learned how to be the “soft” one. I learned that fighting fire with fire is no solution. It would only aggravate the situation more. I learned how to mellow down.

Yes I was a hot-tempered one ….

….but no more.


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