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How Much Would You Sacrifice for Love?

Love conquers all. Or so they say. Love goes beyond all boundaries and for love you leave your family and friends. For love you sacrifice everything even your own life.How true is this sentiment? In today’s world, with self gratification being on the top of the list, is there place for love to survive.? I […]

Stop Being So Overly Sensitive

Sometimes overly sensitive people bugged me. Sometimes overly sensitive people irritates the hell out of me. Sometimes overly sensitive people irks me so much, I just want to give them one tight slap and say.. not everything is about you!  People need to realize that I need to speak my mind and yes, gossip about […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I’m sure many of us have faced this situation on least one occasion. Be it our choice or the other party, breaking up is never easy. At times, we are just afraid of being alone that we would rather stay in a disastrous relationship and suffer silently. My first breakup was torture. I was no […]

Treasuring Relationships

A simple yet touching story that brought tears to my eyes while reading it. We tend to take our our loved ones and relationships for granted. Sometimes time pass by too fast that before you know it another day, another week, another month and another year had gone by. You can’t get back those times […]

What I Have Learnt…

Past relationship shaped the way I am today. What I have gone through before, greater determine how present and future relationship are formed.  For instance in a love relationship, I know that just because someone loves me is not enough to start one. The feelings must be mutual. Sometimes I get carried away with all […]

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