What Makes A Mother?

This might sounds like a strange question but I was watching a back episode of Bold and Beautiful today on the telly (hahehehe.. don’t sneer people, I happened to enjoy the show) and one of the character, Taylor, who was having problem getting pregnant with husband Nick decided to get impregnated with an anonymous donor’s eggs.

It so happened she was accidentally impregnated with Brooke’s eggs. Now Brooke happened to be Nick ex-wife (who is still in love with Nick and vice versa) and her sworn enemy. Anyway after the birth everyone later found out the truth and as expected Brooke developed this connection with the baby coz “I’m the biological mother”.

The episode that I was watching today happened to be the one where Taylor had prematurely gone into labour and the baby was in distress. It was all so chaotic and you can sense the danger that both Taylor and the baby was in.

Anyway.. I’m rambling..

In this scenario, my question is, what makes a mother? Is it the woman who carried the baby for nine months, going through the morning sickness, and the fight for life when delivering the bundle of joy? Or is it the woman who contributed the eggs? Which connection is stronger? Who has the bigger claim over motherhood in this case?

Does Brooke have a bigger say because she is the donor? Was Taylor just a vessel for the new life and have no right over it?

My take on this is that Taylor has all the right in the world to call herself the mother of the child. Simply because without her, there is no baby.. the eggs would not survive without the host and Taylor could have chosen anyone’s eggs to carry in her body. An egg would just be an egg and would remain to be an egg without the vessel in which it is carried to full term and thus to become a baby.

I’d be interested to see what you have to say..


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