The Secret's Out

Last week, Mama, on knowing that I was returning to Singapore, asked if I could do a favor for her. She wondered if I can get “Old Spice” and “Tabac” cologne for Abah. It seemed Abah really loved the scent and had long been looking for these two colognes in KL without success. He had even asked mama to see if she could get in Bandung on her trip there last month. Unfortunately without success as well.

Anyway, mama found out from my SIL’s husband that he “sort” of saw it in Singapore on his last trip there. So last week, she told me that if I could get it for Abah, it would be a great surprise… and so we both agreed it would be my mission this time around.

Then today, when me and Azwaj were over there, Abah came to me, patted my back and asked me “so you getting me Old Spice?”… I was like… ‘huh?’… in my mind was, “how did he know?”

Then I found out much later from Azwaj that it seemed, Abah, knowing that I was returning to Singapore, had the same idea as Mama did! He actually asked mama when I was going back and told her that he would ask me to get the colognes for him.. Lolz.. so now mama had no choice but to tell him that she actually thought of that already and had in fact approached me with the very same idea..heheh… I guess great mind do think alike eh…

So now, the secret’s out and it’s too bad really, I was really looking forward to seeing his face when I give it to him on my return… oh well.. Now I really hope I can find it Singapore…lolzzz


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