Man and Wife

Azwaj can’t stand it when I leave him for too long to go back to Singapore, even if it is to visit my mom. Sometimes I have to “bargain” just so I get a longer stay. However, I must admit I like that fact that he would miss me so much that even one week seems like a long time for him.

There are, however, a few of his friends that actually think that he enjoys the time when I do go back to SG. They would comment things like “oh so good, bachelor again. can enjoy!”.. you know silly remarks like that. And I know for a fact that these are the same batch of guys who really enjoy it when their wives “balik kampong” or go back to their hometown. It’s like they are now free to do what they want and when they want it.

I just don’t understand it. To me, it’s kinda sad that you actually prefer to NOT be with your spouse. That you actually prefer to spend time with your friends than your family. I mean I understand that we need alone time to do the stuff that you like and enjoy but to actually look forward for your spouse to leave for somewhere? That’s just sad!

Azwaj says it probably because their wives are so controlling and demanding and would call all the time when they are not at home and so when his friends are left wife-less for a period of time, they actually enjoy the peace of mind.

Sometimes, I really don’t know what to think. All I do know is that you have to give your partner their space so that they appreciate you more I guess. For me, I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve been doing all the time and that is NOT to expect Azwaj to report his every movement to me and to give him my 100% trust that if he said he’s going to a particular location, then that is what he’ll do. I, myself, can’t stand it when wives or girlfriend keep calling their partner even in meetings..!

To each it’s own, I always say.. so be it 🙂


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