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My Namesake

I simply love this picture of the whitelily on my blog now. Everytime I look it, I am reminded of a long time ago when I was using the nick for my chatting session. I went by a lot of nicknames but “WhiteLily” was my favourite. That was the id that put Azwaj and me […]


Surprised???!!! Told you I got too much time on my hands…lol!! Have a great weekend people!!…

My New Look…

It was this when it was given birth to…… then it was this for a while…. And now.. this is gonna be the new look for a while….lol… I got too much time on my hands… You like?? Cheerio…

i love you

Happy Anniversary Love..

Your essence, your being, Just takes me away… Back to a time way back. Back when charming princes In shining armor, on white horses, Flourished, their swords, Making the princesses swoon. You do that to me, Make me laugh, and fret, And swoon, on occasion. But without a sword, Or a great white horse, Or […]

What Makes A Mother?

This might sounds like a strange question but I was watching a back episode of Bold and Beautiful today on the telly (hahehehe.. don’t sneer people, I happened to enjoy the show) and one of the character, Taylor, who was having problem getting pregnant with husband Nick decided to get impregnated with an anonymous donor’s […]

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