Out of My Dreams Came You!

Continuing the anniversary countdown….

Unfortunately I’m not as artistic or creative as Azwaj to write him a song but I found this poem by Susan Leilani and I feel that it really describe the way I feel when Azwaj came into my life.. So this one is for you, my Love…

And Out of My Dreams Came You!
by Susan Leilani

Deep in the silence, one nightfall
When the moon sat still, shone bright,
Came the utterance of one single moonbeam
At my window… tapping, ever so light;

And in the flicker of one swift instant
I felt its warming embrace;
It encompassed me and then I trembled
As before me appeared your sweet face.

Then the radiance of that gentle smile,
The love shining soft in your eyes,
Began to penetrate with the moonlight
Straight through me, to deafen my cries.

Now, no longer am I ever lonely.
With each nightfall there’s you and love’s true:
In the darkness I seek out my moonbeam
And out of my dreaming… comes you!


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