Evacuation Plan?

Sometimes in life we take for granted that everything is going to go fine. When something bad happens, you believe it is always to someone else. Well wake up call today for me.

It was around 7pm today. I just finished my shower after taking a break from my DVD marathon of Cashmere Mafia when there was a loud knock on my door. Upon checking it was Sally, our neighbour who told me that there was a fire on the 11th floor. “Prepare to leave!” she said.

I got ready, grabbed my important paperwork and called Azwaj, who had to work today. He told me to get ready and he’s coming home. The next thing on my mind was our kitties. There are six of them. What do I do if I really to leave the apartment? I can’t leave them here, all locked up with no where to go. A thousand and one things went through my mind. Ideas on how to get them to safety in case the fire really spread. OMG! The thought that I might have to leave them behind, unprotected, really scare me. The best thing I can do is just let them come out with me and hope they would follow me down the stairs and hope someone will be nice enough to help me carry them down.

Luckily, the fire was not serious and was put off easily and any crisis was averted. Alhamdullilah!

However, this incident really put things in perspective. We need an evacuation plan, not just for us but also for the kitties. Will talk to Azwaj tonight when he comes home.


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