Deep Slumber

I have never been one to sleep in the afternoon. In fact I avoid it like the plague simply because I always wake up feeling groggy and more tired than I actually was.

Afternoon naps are only for when I am not feeling well, late nights – which means I literally sleep at dawn, or just because it’s a lazy day, which I don’t have very often. Anyway, today, after Azwaj left for work, I was still feeling sleepy but because I had loadful of laundry in the washing machine, I wanted to wait it out first before deciding whether I was going to return to my comfy bed or not. That was around 10am.

While waiting for my laundry to complete it’s cycle, I vacuumed the floor and reheat the grilled chicken that was going to be lunch today. I thought, ok with all these activities, I will, for sure, be wide awake. I was wrong, coz even coffee did not help, not that it ever did anyway..lolzz.

I took Miss Fly to the living room and watched tv for a while while eating my grilled chicken sandwich. I watched Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres show followed by the Bold and The Beautiful. After that I surrendered, coz my back was beginning to hurt and I was still darn sleepy. I packed up everything from the living room and adjourned to the waiting bed. Just so you know this was around 4pm.

The next thing I knew, Azwaj was entering the bedroom! It was already 8pm! I was totally knocked out! I did not even hear the phone call from him to ask what I wanted for dinner.

Now that’s what I call deep slumber. I guess your body will tell you what it needs.. and in this case… SLEEP!!!


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