Changes in My Life

I decided today to just sit and reflect back on my life these seven years.

The reason why I’m doing this is because our wedding anniversary is coming soon. It’s going to be eight years on March, 25th! Eight wonderful years! It has it’s ups and downs of course. I’d be in self-denial if I did not admit that. However, on the whole, the sweetness outweigh any bitterness that exist.

Wow, seven years ago, I married this wonderful man that I’ve only known for one and half years. It was such a whirlwind romance because of our distance. Me, a born and bred Singaporean and he a full pledged Bumiputera Malaysian. We got to know one another from, you guessed it, cyber world.

I remember I was a late bloomer in the chatting world. I only started chatting at the age of twenty nine and that also because I was crazy over the boyband “Boyzone“. They were having this chat session and boy did I want to be there to chat with Ronan Keating. Anyway that’s a different story although but that the start of my chatting adventure. I was introduced to Yahoo and it pager and from then on, I was hooked. I found this Malaysian room that was really buzzing with action and I was chatting every opportunity I got.

And there he was and there I were. We started chatting and the next thing we knew, we met, we fell in love and the rest, like they say, is history.

How have I changed since getting married?

  1. I’ve grown to be more mellow. That’s the first obvious thing you would noticed about me. I, no longer lose my temper as easily as before. Oh I’m still temperamental and sulk sometimes but it has gone down a 80% notch.
  2. I am also more patient or forced to be patient. Where before it’s now, now, now. I am now more willing to go with “in a while” kind of thing.
  3. I’ve leant the fundamentals of being a wife like cooking, washing, cleaning house. Back when I was single, all these chores were done for me by my mom. Yeap, I was a spoilt brat. I would come home and my dinner would already been served on the table. I did not do any housework at all. And to avoid ironing, my pet peeve when it comes to household, I always made sure I got clothes that require none or very little ironing. The rest just goes to the Mr Laundry Man..lolzz
  4. I am more careful with my money. As I am no longer financial independent, I tend to think and rethink before I purchase anything. Before, I was such a terrible shopper. I see something I like and I will buy it immediately. I was also such an impulse buyer as well. I am no longer like that anymore.
  5. I now think for two. It’s no longer me only anymore. I don’t make decision without consulting Azwaj and I don’t even want to. I want any decision to be made only when we both know what’s happening or I won’t feel good otherwise

Hmm… I guess that’s a lot in seven years. Who knows what else I’ll change in the future when perhaps there’s three or four of us in the picture… By then, I’ll look back at this entry and smile and add more things I’m sure 😉


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