6 Weeks Ago..

Dear Diary..

Six weeks ago today, I went through my very first hospital stay. It was for a fibroid removal surgery. I always told myself that I would keep myself healthy so that I never need to be admitted to the hospital and the only reason I would is going to be for maternity purposes. Well, you know what? It was not quite for maternity reasons but I was admitted into the maternity ward! How coincidental is that right? You just have to laugh at the irony.

Anyway all went fine. Despite the two runaway threads adventure, I’ve healed wonderfully. No fever, no swelling, no pain. In fact, Abah actually called me “one tough nut”… I think he meant cookie…heheh… I was really touched with Abah and Mama kindness and love when I was there. For that I am thankful. My own mother is thousands of miles away so to know that you have family here too really feels good and heart warming.

So officially I am off the “pantang”. I actually had a piece of prawn last week just for a test drive and since there was no side effect, I have been itching to eat anything seafood and yesterday I did! I had prawn sambal! OOohhhhh it was delicious!!! I can never understand how people can be vegetarian and miss out on all these sinfully delightful meaty dishes! Oh well! Who am I to say anything right??

Oh I also took my first motorbike ride today to Azwaj’s office which is about a 10minutes ride from home. Again, just to test drive the stomach muscle. The verdict?? I’m cured!! Yahoo!! Alhamdullilah!!

Ok.. am off to bed now. Azwaj is again away tomorrow. I wonder what I’ll do ya?? Hmm Anja do you want a bath??



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