Unbelievably Sweet – Awww

It’s been a while I posted something on personality quiz so here goes.

You’re the perfect treat — delightful and sweet. You have the sweetest smile and the most tender love. Your face can brighten any dark day and your jovial nature can fill even passersby with joy. A great many consider themselves lucky to have you in their lives!


What’s yours?

Water Rationing Calendar – April 2014

It’s another month of water rationing for Selangor and unfortunately for us our condo area is affected for this phase as well. The rationing will be till end April and the management office has kindly come up with this timeable so that the residents will be prepared before hand.  Sigh.. look at all those crosses..

Baking Mood

I’m in a baking mood people..  This one is plain and easy.. ice cream cake served with the same flavor ice cream.. yums!

Ice cream cake...oh so yummy

The Haze is Back

The haze is back people and with no rain in the horizon, I reckon it is here to stay. I am monitoring the PSI index and keeping my ventolin and allergy pills handy. Here’s what it looked like from my balcony this afternoon. Looks like I won’t need any postcard printing to be done since it is not looking picture perfect right now.

hazey days


Appreciating Water

You never really appreciate something till it’s gone.. and that is exactly what we are experiencing right now. We miss WATER. Apparently this second round of rationing is affecting our condo area and we will only be getting water supply at every two days interval. My apartment is filled with water basin and every container is being used to store water! I am minimizing drinking (which is not easy since it is so hot) and also minimizing eating.. (maybe I’ll lose even more weight after this whole water rationing exercise!)


I was telling Azwaj, if not for the furkids, I would have packed our bag and go off somewhere where there is ample water supply till this rationing is over!


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