Smile Brilliant For Me

I was at optician a few days ago and she said the most sweetest thing to me. She said I got very nice teeth and that they are so white and asked me if had done any professional teeth whitening treatment at the dentist.

Now if you know me well enough, you know the dentist is my most dreaded doctor of them all. I guess maybe because during the treatment I would have to be awake and hear all the equipments at play. Yikes! So I was very pleased that my optician seemed to think that I had my teeth done even though I will let you in a little secret, I have not visited the dentist in over 14 years! Lol!

Anyway, I recently got an offer to try out this teeth whitening system from Smile Brilliant. I just got it in the mail today and I can’t wait to try it out and see if my “already” white teeth will become whiter and if it works I am surely gonna recommend it to my optician who was complaining a trip to the dentist would probably cost her a hand and a foot.

I checked out the package and it looked easy enough. I would try it out once I come back from my Singapore trip and post updates here. So stay tuned!


brilliant smile

Unbelievably Sweet – Awww

It’s been a while I posted something on personality quiz so here goes.

You’re the perfect treat — delightful and sweet. You have the sweetest smile and the most tender love. Your face can brighten any dark day and your jovial nature can fill even passersby with joy. A great many consider themselves lucky to have you in their lives!


What’s yours?

Water Rationing Calendar – April 2014

It’s another month of water rationing for Selangor and unfortunately for us our condo area is affected for this phase as well. The rationing will be till end April and the management office has kindly come up with this timeable so that the residents will be prepared before hand.  Sigh.. look at all those crosses..

Baking Mood

I’m in a baking mood people..  This one is plain and easy.. ice cream cake served with the same flavor ice cream.. yums!

Ice cream cake...oh so yummy

The Haze is Back

The haze is back people and with no rain in the horizon, I reckon it is here to stay. I am monitoring the PSI index and keeping my ventolin and allergy pills handy. Here’s what it looked like from my balcony this afternoon. Looks like I won’t need any postcard printing to be done since it is not looking picture perfect right now.

hazey days


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